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Sparkly box, what gives?

22 October 2007

As I’m sitting here on the computer reading and writing, I wonder what my sparkly box thinks. There have been times in my life when I’d plan around television shows, and now I hardly turn the thing on. What gives?

Football was a passion and owned Sunday afternoons. Then, when Star Trek: The Next Generation was in full swing and Deep Space 9 was coming into its own, I would agonize a little if I had to trust my VCR to tape an episode. My friends and I would debate, enjoy, and dissect every scene.

When Voyager came, after the second season, we stopped waving the banner and cheering each episode along. Enterprise, well there were a couple of good episodes in there somewhere.

However, in ’02, there was a little thing called Firefly. I came into the game late, but we watched some of it on Fox and fell in love. Finally, real characters I could embrace as brothers and care about! Then Fox killed it.

Then Serenity came. And Joss really killed it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the film. Yet heart-wrenching things happen in the film, and I find myself still looking suspiciously at my TV like a wounded lover, not ready to love again.

I still go on adventures with Doctor Who, and his friend Torchwood, and the kids and I occasionally have play-dates with Sarah Jane and the classic series. And I sometimes have coffee with the tempting Stargate: Atlantis, and tea with Boston Legal.

Hollywood, I’m not ready to date again.

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