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Eye Infection!

24 June 2011

I have a new appreciation for eyesight.

Wednesday night, I slept in my contacts. It’s unusual for me, but my optometrist has given me the go-ahead. However, I also managed to get something in my eye and I clawed it badly in my sleep trying to get it out. When I awoke, my eye was severely inflamed. Imagine pink eye, then dial it up to blood red.

I spent a lot of time in the morning trying to flush whatever it was out of my eye. A couple hours into the procedure, I realized my contact was still in. I removed it, and then the real pain started!

My fiancée finally convinced me to go to her ophthalmologist. He confirmed I hadn’t done any permanent damage and that I probably had an infection. He gave me a numbing agent, some antibiotic, and sent me home with some samples. Two to three days of resting the eye.

Resting means no driving, so I’m stuck at home when I’d really like to be at work digging into my new job. Anyone who knows me well knows I hate being an invalid, and I’ve been stir crazy.

On the plus side, it means watching the Doctor Who episode “Inferno” looking like Brigade-Leader! After 40 years, I was glad to find it’s still entertaining, as well as campy. My kids made fun of the stunt fighting, but they were attentive to all 2½ hours.

it also reminded me of the Doctor Who novel Seeing I. In it, the Doctor finds himself in a prison where escape attempts are punished by a malicious eye implant. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to reread that one!

Vision in it is blurry but improving daily. I’m on pace to be better by Monday.

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