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USS Ayrton Session 2: Bringing ‘Er Home

16 July 2009

My oldest son has joined the crew as a lycanthropic species. We’re still working on his stats. He’s an engineer named W’an.

The kids love the concept of LARP, so that’s what it became. We didn’t get a lot accomplished in the session. Honestly, that’s okay — we had a great time, and that’s what counts!

We left off last session with a crew exchange to prevent trickery. The three player characters were the team Starfleet selected to travel aboard the Goodnight-Loving. W’an slowly gained the trust of the pirates as things started mysteriously malfunctioning.

Gorm the Klingon tried to bully the pirates into leaving them alone so they could roam the ship freely — no go. Finally, W’an engineered a radiation leak in the cargo container they suspected carried the planet buster bomb and convinced the pirate left in charge to jettison it in an escape pod. The Ayrton tractored it into their cargo bay. Mission accomplished!

Our Vulcan XO/medic Vanisha didn’t have much to do, and my daughter and I talked afterward about creating dramatic situations. I suggested, for example, that she could engage the other characters in some leading dialogue. Or that she improvise something similar to the way my oldest did with the old freighter’s engines.

Things really got fun when I suggested to my son that he dig out some props I’d made out of LEGOs in my youth. They really helped the kids get into character!

One portion of play was particularly funny, in which W’an called the captain of the Ayrton on a LEGO communicator and said, “Someone set us up the bomb!” I whipped my head around and said, “What you say?” The four of us immediately riffed into Zero Wing and recited the entirety of ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US, which the kids know from the Laziest Men on Mars song. It took us several minutes to stop laughing and get back to roleplaying!

The money moment of the session happened when my daughter said, “Hey guys, instead of sitting on our butts all day, we could roleplay Star Trek!”

The defense rests.

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