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LEGO Star Trek props

15 July 2009

LEGO Tricorders
LEGO Phaser

When I was a lad, I made some Star Trek props out of LEGOs. I hadn’t thought much of them until this evening, when I was doing some LARPing with my kids.

I carefully looked at the Star Trek Technical Manual and any other references I could find to get exact dimensions for these items. For the Next Generation items, I had to rely on magazines and paused stills from my VCR to get them right.

Being LEGOs, they tended to disintegrate just when things were getting interesting. So, I wrapped them tight with duct and electrical tape. Considering they have been around for 25 years or so, they have held up remarkably well! As you can see in the phaser picture, the duct tape is a little the worse for wear; stretched out in places, falling off in others. I think it’s adorable that the kids want to re-wrap them!

I also made a couple original props. I’ve uploaded a picture of the Type V Phaser I designed for black ops to Flickr. Seeing those props put to good use brought back some wonderful memories.


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