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iPhone application mini-reviews II

14 July 2009

Since it’s been a few months since my first post in this series, I felt it was time to revisit this.

Items in bold are new. Items in strike-through are history. Due to some peculiarities with my laptop, I don’t have iTunes installed, or I would link directly to these apps. Do check them out!


  • Phone, SMS, Calendar, Mail, Safari, Facebook
  • TweetDeck: I find TweetDeck to be more intuitive than TwitterFon.
  • Memiary: A lightweight journaling utility, it links to their web site. Entries are private and only visible when you are logged in.
  • PocketMoney: A manual money tracking application. I don’t having my account information exposed online a la Quicken or Mint, so this fits the bill nicely. Maybe when I can use stronger security measures.
  • TwitterFon


  • FlightControl: I love this game of landing planes. It’s just the right balance of whimsy and challenge.
  • Archers: My kids’ favorite game. Calculate the correct azimuth and pull to hit your opponent in a duel.
  • Pocket Tanks: Similar to Scorched Earth, it often alleviates the boredom of waiting at events
  • Scramble: It has replaced Moxie as my iPhone word game of choice. Its dictionary is too permissive for my taste, but better too many words than too few.
  • Contacts, iPod, Maps, gFlash+
  • Upgraded from Infrequent: WordPress

Infrequent but Handy

  • MyWireless by AT&T: Essential for managing my family’s cell phone accounts
  • Geocaching: I go geocaching with the kids on occasion; it’s worth the $10.
  • Distant Suns Lite: I stargaze with the kids some too. The best of breed free astronomy app, though I will probably upgrade soon.
  • AP Mobile and SportsTap: Used when I want to look up some news item I overheard
  • DarkSlide: I use it as a gateway to my Flickr account
  • Dictionary, Eng <-> Ger, DianHua: nice to have access to a dictionary
  • Be Extra! – The Extraordinaries: Fritter your time away cataloging photos for museums
  • 9-in-1 Toolbox: Jack of 9 trades, master of none
  • Weather, Lose It, Diceshaker / Dice Bag, iChess, Flashlight
  • Downgraded from Frequent: MotionX GPS Lite, AroundMe, SnapTell, midomi, Ocarina, iStethoscope
  • iHandyLevel, Lightsaber, Mancala FS5, Dialer (Melodis)


  • Moxie: An enjoyable word game, but I find the dictionary’s lack of words frustrating
  • Google: Not enough bang for my buck, I find myself going back to Safari
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