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My New Nameless Savage Worlds Star Trek Campaign

3 June 2009

My kids wanted to roleplay, and I said, I’d like to try Savage Worlds. Next question was what setting. Since we’d just seen the movie a week or so back, I floated “Star Trek”. Bingo!

I’ve posted the characters we created at the USS Ayrton page on my wiki.

This is comfortable territory for me. I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours roleplaying in the Trek universe, starting with FASA’s system in 1982. I’m really excited!

My daughter came up with Varisha, a Spock clone — no surprise, though making her a medic and XO should be very interesting. My son came up with Gorm, a Klingon who will be played like Aquaman from “Batman and Friends”, which is a great fit for a Klingon outcast and diplomat!

I’m tempted to make the Captain Andorian, not only because they are my favorite race, but they make for a great counterpoint to a pacifist Vulcan doctor. That might be too much. Perhaps as second officer, with a Human as Captain to balance.

Of course, I have to consider how Gorm will figure in. I don’t want my NPC Captain overshadowing a PC, yet the players are only 11 and 10 and could use some guidance… I need to noodle this one for a bit.

The campaign needs a name in the worst way. Ideas?

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