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SotC: On Victory Path, part 1

4 April 2009

Kelvin the Grey

Played by me

Aspects: My Arrows Fly True, My Arrows Fly Far, My Arrows Fly Fast, Livery Boy, Moves Like the Rabbit, Animal Whisperer, In Tune with the Forest

Skills: Superb Bows [≡Guns], Great Alertness, Great Survival, Good Horsemanship, Good Weapons

Tonight, my ten-year-old took the reigns of our roleplaying, and we started off in a fantasy realm using Spirit of the Century. I was surprised at the depth of his world, but also frustrated at times.

Kelvin the Grey is the son of the local stable owner, a man named Tycho. The village of Stockton is a popular stop on the cattle routes. He spent his youth delivering horses to nearby towns and found he liked the forest much better than the livery. As a grown man, Kelvin’s the best hunter in the area.

Our adventure began with Kelvin traveling through the Victory Path, a burnt area of forest six miles long where a terrible magic battle took place. It was very dark (all six moons were behind the clouds), and Kelvin was startled by a man in a black cloak, Azreal of the Black Fire (played by my older son), They talked. Azreal was looking for a horse to continue his journey. Establishing that Azreal was a blacksmith, Kelvin rode back towards Stockton to get a cart to bring him back. Although Azreal said he could only stay for a few days, Kelvin’s hoping for his dad’s sake they can persuade him to stay longer.

As he rode back, he barely noticed a man racing past him going the other way. The man was wearing a black cloak, at which time I complained that the greatest hunter in the area should not be caught so unawares.

In any event, Kelvin went on his way. The speeding man was Adam. When Azreal and Adam talked, the game got absurd. While it played out, I helped my daughter define her character, a ranger named Willow.

A couple of quotes:

Perhaps the first words that were exchanged between the two men:

Azreal: Are you a thief?
Adam: No.
Azreal: Are you sure?


Player: Hah! I rolled four +’s. I slice his head off.
GM: No, he’s a thief. He rolled two +’s.
Player: So I slice his hand off.
GM: Adam reaches under his loaf of bread and pulls out two throwing hammers and throws them.
Player: Dude, I just chopped his hand off. Isn’t he like this, GAH! [mimics writhing]
GM: Remember, he’s a thief.

After this exchange, we wrapped it up for the night. I told my son I’d teach him how opposed rolls work, so it didn’t degenerate into “cowboys and injuns” (you know, “I shot you”, “No you didn’t”, ad nausium).

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