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SotC: Curse of Kusim-Ra, part 4

22 March 2009

Previous posts: part 1, part 2, part 3.

This was the final installment, and was rather abbreviated. The daughter wants to run a game, so I’m stepping aside.

Last time, the right-hand-man of Captain Who’s sister, Gupta, was injured in an ambush and needed medical attention. The Navigator used his mystic Kung-Fu powers to heal him, but he was out of commission for this segment.

They followed the trail left by the fleeing partisans, by virtue of Draco Wolf’s keen wolf senses. They came upon a cave, and Draco approached in a black cloak (after many Dread Pirate Roberts jokes). He and the Navigator took out the guards, and they all went inside. They found crates of plastic explosives and took some.

We narrated through fighting their way deeper into the complex. They got to an auditorium just in time to for Ms. Gitoux exclaim to them from the stage, “You’re just in time for the end of the world!” The seats were filled with hooded spectators watching her read from the Book of Kusim-Ra.

Draco threw the plastique at her and chucked a torch in its direction, much to the consternation of Captain Who and the Navigator, who wanted the Book intact. The plastique fell short of the stage, but the torch was right on target and ignited the plastique. BOOM!

Ms. Gitoux exited the back. Captain Who covered her mouth with a handkerchief and blocked the escape of the faithful. Draco Wolf swam through the crowd and followed Ms. Gitoux out the back. The Navigator bolted out of the tunnel, not wanting to die!

Draco chased Ms. Gitoux through a maze of passages through the mountain and exited out the other side just in time to see Ms. Gitoux and two oarsmen paddling away in a boat on a river. The shots Draco fired at them got one oarsmen and drew the Navigator’s attention, and he came overland by horse to intercept them. Captain Who made her way through the sea of incapacitated minions and joined Draco on the riverbank.

It looked like Ms. Gitoux was going to get away, but our heroes stopped her. Captain Who made her way onto the boat (perhaps she swam) and wrestled Ms. Gitoux for the book. Impatient, Draco turned into his wolf form, bounded forward, and lept aboard, almost capsizing the boat! At the same time, the Navigator used his mystic Kung-Fu powers to slam the boat aground against the far bank of the river, trapping Draco’s arm in the process!

In the confusion (which involved uncontrollable laughter expanding on the bad Dread Pirate Roberts jokes from before), Captain Who managed to get a hold of the book, but Ms. Gitoux escaped to fight another day. They got it back to the Century Club safe and sound, and all’s well.

For now. šŸ˜‰


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