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SotC: The Curse of Kusim-Ra, Part 3

9 March 2009

This latest installment in our Curse of Kusim-Ra adventure finds our intrepid band making their way into Peshawar. (Catch up: part 1, part 2)

As mentioned earlier, I’m running this campaign for children. They tend to get really silly, and I find it a constant challenge to keep them on task. I tend to gloss over a lot of rules as we play. This session more so than most!

During the combat, I would fudge things like, “You’re shooting into the trees two zones away trying to hit a particular partisan. That would be a Great shot.” Although it kept the game moving and we had a good time with it, it felt a little dirty. I need to brush up on the rules and run myself through some combat situations so I feel more prepared for next time.

We’d previously established that Captain Who had a contact in India, we decided it was her sister, who happened to married to a rajah. So, the players decided they would be dropped off at port and make their way to the rajah’s palace by jeep (?!) while Captain Who proceeded there directly. This tangent lasted for a while before I pointed out the absurdity of it. We decided to rewind and say that all three players went for a visit to the rajah.

Travel to Peshawar is dangerous because of a border skirmish between what will become Indian and Pakistani forces. To that end, the rajah lent them some horses and the services of his right-hand man, Gupta.

Along the way, they were beset by partisan forces, who ambushed them as they entered the forests of the Peshawar region. I found some mancala pieces and used them as markers and explained to them what zones are. They started out three zones away from the partisans, who were hiding behind trees in two group of four and were at the top of a hill (border: 1). True to life, my youngest son as the Navigator took the group on the left by himself. The other three went left.

The combat went pretty quickly. I got to introduce the concept of consequences when the Navigator was shot. He said that getting hit made his Mystic Kung-Fu powers go on the fritz. Both my elder son and I thought that was more appropriate for a major consequence, so my youngest decided instead that he was grazed by the eye. I said that works, and that he’d have a penalty to his Alertness for the rest of the combat.

On the other side of the battlefield, one of the partisans critically wounded Gupta (with a +4 roll). The team left him lay there while they charged and subdued their group of partisans. After the Navigator was hit, he retreated and tended to Gupta. Well, really, he summoned Captain Who, who has some medical training.

Draco Wolf had enough of the combat, so he transformed into his wolf form and chased after the Navigator’s group. With his speed and agility stunts, they didn’t stand a chance. We didn’t play that part out to its conclusion, just saying it wasn’t too pretty for the partisans.

Captain Who managed to stabilize Gupta’s abdomen wound, but she’s not a doctor. We left them needing to obtain further medical assistance….


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