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Kudos to the BBC!

19 January 2009

Doctor Who News is reporting that Torchwood: Children of Earth will be broadcast on BBC America(story). This isn’t unusual.

They will be doing it in the same format (five episodes over five nights). This is certainly preferable to showing them weekly, as is the norm.

And, they will show them on the same day as it broadcasts in the UK. When I read that, I almost fell out of my chair!

I have been complaining about the global television distribution model for ages. I think one of the biggest reason people are tempted to download British programming in America is that a given program is often shown months — sometimes over a year! — after it airs in Britain, and often edited for American sensibilities to boot. Certainly, BBC America may still edit the sexual content of the program, as we Americans are more prudish in this respect. Annoying, but tolerable. And the five hour delay may still make rabid fans turn to their nearest BitTorrent client, but I can certainly put up with waiting until evening.

The BBC’s decision to show Torchwood the same day on both networks shows some dawning and favorable recognition of their fans in America. I strongly support this decision, and hope that they will consider doing the same for my favorite offering, Doctor Who. Good on ya, BBC!

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