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Why I recommend Capulin Volcano National Park to visitors

4 January 2009

Mt. Capulin is a strange place. My father and I went there on a road trip when I was between high school and college. My best friend had committed suicide, and my dad took me out of town.

New Mexico in the summer is hot. Melt the soles of your shoes hot. This made Capulin memorable for two reasons: the relative coolness achieved by gaining elevation, and the cacophony of insects.

The view from the top is nice. You can see Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The cool breeze is nicer.

As you walk the rim of the volcano, hordes of brightly-colored yet harmless insects teem beneath your feet and buzz around your body. The chirping and clicking is almost deafening! I’ve been to other places with denser growth, but I’ve never heard the insect world like this.

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