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The first time I went to Yellowstone National Park

4 January 2009

The thing I remember most about Yellowstone is the car trouble we encountered. Fortunately, my family went with another family we’re close to.

We’d recently gotten the car serviced, so we couldn’t believe we were having trouble with it. Turned out it was coincidental that the battery gave out on that trip. Once we ascertained it was the battery, it was a “simple” matter of getting the car to Jackson, buying a new battery, and installing it.

I say simple because the car would die if it idled too long, and there was heavy construction along the route. I stayed at the lodge with the kids while my wife and our friend did the deed. They told us stories about how the ranger was very kind to them and helped them navigate the construction.

It wasn’t hard to keep the kids entertained. We walked the trails, enjoyed the scenery, and bonded some. And isn’t that the point of a family vacation?

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