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The first time I went to Walt Disney World

4 January 2009

I went to Walt Disney World last year with my wife and a couple we’ve close with. The ladies were already heading to Miami for a conference, and we decided to go for a few days before their conference began. We wished we’d been in a position to take the kids, but it was financially infeasible.

Although we spent a lot of the time wishing the kids could be there to see it, we had a fantastic time none the less! There is a lot of wonder and enchantment to be found in the Magic

One thing I remember vividly is the rain. We got caught in a torrential downpour at Space Mountain one afternoon, and I got some fun pictures of my wife playing in the puddles!

Our do-jang is planning a reunion trip there this summer, and we’re looking forward to sharing the park with the kids (assuming we can make the finances work out — things are gloomier than they were just last summer, a dismal thought).

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