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Review: Kung Fu Samurai on Giant Robot Island

29 December 2008

Kung Fu Samurai on Giant Robot Island is a member of a family of card games by Z-Man Games, in which players play B movie producers whose competing versions of a movie battle it out to the death.

Each card in the deck has a buzz word from the genre. At the beginning of the game, players pick six cards and use as many of those words to form the title of the movie as possible. Ours was “Shaolin Ninja Black vs. Little Eagle Commando”. Just the title of our movie gives you an idea what this game is like.

Players amass Character, Location, and Prop cards, which all have defense ratings. Players play Creature cards to attack other movies, and can replace Locations in other movies to spice things up. Another kind of card, the Special Effects card, change the balance of the game. Mayhem continues until someone plays the “Roll the Credits” card and ends the game.

The game is best enjoyed when one plays the cards as though they were narrating the movie. The results can be hilarious! I’d recommend their games. For added fun, you can mix the decks from their B-Movie games for a crossover catastrophe.

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