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SotC Character Generator, part 2

21 December 2008

So, I’ve gotten a little farther, adding a few of the sample aspects from the book.

  Family Estate

I thought it would be a slam dunk, but I learned something about LINQ and objects.

I defined a simple Aspect object:

   37 public class Aspect  

   39     public string Name { get; set; }

   40 }

And I expected the following to work:

   17             var availableAspects = aspectPool.Except(takenAspects);   18 

   19             if (!availableAspects.Any())

   20                 throw new ArgumentException(“No aspects remain in master aspect list”);


   22             return availableAspects.TakeRandom();

It quickly became apparent that the Except wasn’t filtering. I later came to understand it was because the default object’s Equals methods couldn’t distinguish between the different Aspects in the lists. When I overrode Equals and GetHashCode to defer to the Name string, problem solved!

Now, on to a little holiday shopping… 🙂

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