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Codex Alera and Furycrafting in FATE

21 October 2008

I’ve been thinking about FATE 3 (Spirit of the Century) and how I’d model the furycrafting in Codex Alera.

In the Aleraverse, everyone with the exception of the protagonist as far as I’ve read, gains a modicum of skill at furycrafting by the time they reach pubescence. A fury is similar to an elemental, a supernatural power limited to one sphere of influence: water, earth, fire, wood, air, metal. Rural folks tend to ally themselves with stronger furies than urban dwellers, but urban dwellers tend to have better training, and thus more finesse with their furycraft than their farmer neighbors.

Clearly, making contact with one’s fury should be a phase during character creation.

I realized after a time that a fury is simply a Companion (as per the Contacting stunt). It should probably be bought with the Communication advance and two Scope advance. Going with the “Mysteries modeling magic” tack, a rural fury might trade one of the Scope advances for the Skilled (Mysteries) advance, to represent that power vs. finesse trade-off mentioned above. Folks with more powerful furies should consider buying Skilled more than once and the Independent advance, as well as devoting an aspect to their fury.

Of course, if you have the Spirit of the Season supplement for SotC, more possibilities present themselves.

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