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SotC and Star Wars

10 October 2008

My boys cajoled me into roleplaying this evening off the cuff, so I spun up a situation off the top of my head.

My youngest (10) wanted to play a Jedi Master, but I negotiated him down to a Knight. To me, looking at it from the perspective of a first-degree black belt in taekwondo, it seems like a Padawan is like a colored belt, a Knight is like a black belt, and a Master is, well, a Master. He chose a species I’d never heard of, a Vurk. Apparently, in the Battle of Geonosis scene in Episode II, there is a Vurk Jedi who gets killed by Jango Fett. He wanted him to have a double-bladed lightsaber, blue and green. (Really, he wanted the blade twisted. I suggested it as a quest to find out how to make one.)

My older son (14) also wanted to be a Jedi Knight, so this worked out well. He also wanted two lightsabers, one blue and the other purple. It’s not canon, but who cares. He also chose an odd species, a Whiphid. I guess there was one in the Clone Wars series.

Vurk Jedi Knight

  • Vurk: can breathe air and water
  • Jedi Knight
  • Can’t Remember His Last Name
  • Raised On Tatooine As A Slave
  • Podracing Ambitions

Good Drive
Fair Intimidation
Good Mysteries
Good Rapport

Whiphid Jedi Knight

  • Whiphid: blubber and thick hair, tusks
  • Jedi Knight
  • Tech Nut
  • Criminal Past

Mediocre Deceit
Great Engineering
Fair Gambling
Good Mysteries
Great Persuasion
Good Pilot
Fair Survival

Without doing the research, I came to the conclusion that the Mysteries skill in SotC should double for the Force, and that Jedi should have the stunt that they can substitute their Mysteries skill for any other for 1 Fate point. Species I handled as an aspect for the evening.

Characters in hand, I started to describe my scene. I’d watched Ladyhawke the night before and thought of the barn scene. I also thought about my friend’s Feng Shui game, which started with a fight in a noodle shop….

It’s during the Clone Wars. The pair of Jedi are stranded in the Outer Rim, an area friendly to Separatists. They came upon a small foothills village with a tavern.

Kuru tried to reason with the innkeep, but his Rapport wasn’t that good. R’rataro offered to make any needed repairs for the innkeep, but he refused, saying he had his own man. R’rataro offered a wager that he could fix it faster; that got them a night in the barn and leftovers from the kitchen when the evening was done.

Not content to wait, R’rataro went into the forest and bagged two boar in just a few hours. He offered to sell them to innkeep for parts for their landspeeder, but this mildly offended the innkeep.

They spun a story about being fugitives from a criminal organization, for fraternizing with the crime lord’s daughter. (My elder son’s been reading the Twilight series.) My younger son was boastful about killing a bounty hunter, which grabbed the attention of Fedo, an avian bounty hunter of mild renown. To my surprise, the dice suggested that R’rataro talked Fedo down — for now.

Unfortunately, the boys were too tired to continue; they were beginning to be short with one another. Hopefully we’ll pick it up again later. I really enjoyed it!


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