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Review: Blithe Spirit

10 October 2008

Blithe Spirit is a play by Noel Coward being performed by Gaslight Theater weekends through October 31st, 2008.

The intimate theater, which seats about 50, offer an intimate setting for this dark comedy about a man caught between the ghost of his first wife and the life of his second one.

Strong performances make the play. Randy Diamon is excellent as the lead, Charles. Val Durfee turns in a notable performance as Mrs. Bradman. And Mindy Daugherty and Jane Schoenradt Allard as the wives (Ruth and Elvira, respectively) act as wonderful foils for Charles’s horror.

More information on the production, including ticketing, can be found at the Colorado Theater Guild show listing. It’s well worth seeing!

Edit, 10 Oct 2008: I got an opportunity to see the play a second time tonight, and it was even better than the first. I think there were some jitters opening night, but the timing was excellent this evening — as judged by the laughs from the audience! I also thought to spirit away a program, so I could recognize the other actors by name. Steve Seaholm does a fine job as Dr. Bradman. Playing a stoic role is difficult, but Mr. Seaholm pulls it off with ease. Maru Garcia is charming as Madame Arcati, and I think her accent only adds to her mystique. And, last but not least, Davita Terrell garners lots of laughs with her running about as Edith.

Thanks also to the folks behind the scenes for making the show possible. There are several audio and visual cues, and no one missed a beat tonight.

Disclosure: I was involved in the production as “Master Carpenter”, a title I’m certainly not worthy of, and my wife Val plays one of the roles. My comments are based on my own experience and acquaintances who also saw the play opening night.

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