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SotV: Planning the Next Steps 2: I phoned a friend…

20 January 2008

I phoned a friend (well, the FATE RPG list on Yahoo! Groups), and I got some good advice.

I said on the list that I wanted to get Cassie and Clay in opposition, but was having trouble making it gel. I suggested a possible conflict: "Cassie protecting someone that Clay is supposed to apprehend, to try to engage her Strong-Willed nature against his Respects Authority aspect, but that match-up seems a little anemic."

One person suggested adding an additional element as a catalyst, and gave an example (a bar fight), and another person expounded on his example. It’s a good idea.

Another person (thelorddiggus) had some sage advice: "If the aspects are lackluster, for more definition look at the nature of the phases from which they are acquired." He went on to explain how he delves into the background to help flesh out weak aspects like these, and used a coincident character to tie the two back stories together. He also pointed out that some subplots are needed so the other characters won’t be bored.

These are both good ideas, and I need to think about how I’m going to incorporate them. Look for another installment soon.

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