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SotV: Planning the Next Steps

18 January 2008

To set the scene: our gaming group normally takes a hiatus over the winter holiday season. I’ve had a lot of time to think about the Spirit of the ’Verse campaign and where it’s headed.

I see the adventure thus far as the pilot, with subsequent gaming sessions to be episodes in the series. Elements and situations from the previous episodes will recur, of course, but I’d like to explore some of the characters. So, I solicited some feedback on what people would like to explore with their characters….


Fortunately, Spirit of the Century offers me some assistance in the form of aspects, although I must admit that my players don’t seem to have a full grasp of the concept.

The medic character came up with a wonderful background, not known to most of the players, and that would make a great place to get started. Can Miranda, the medic, keep her secrets? Well, due to job scheduling, she won’t be able to join us for the foreseeable future.

I’m left with:

  • Jake Masterson, captain
  • Cassie Manton, pilot and first mate
  • Clay, mercenary
  • Dalton Okuda, ex-Browncoat mechanic
  • Lija Rom, psychic healer on the run
  • Corey Stratford, slicer
  • Aisha, a fallen Companion
  • Tallyrand, a grifter

In Part 1, we had Cassie, Aisha, and Lija negotiate for cloth, which Tallyrand, Dalton, and Clay did some investigation. Jake was the only one kind of left out.

In Part 2, we had Aisha and Miranda (the medic) taking an active role in the hostage situation, Corey hacking the Heart of Evermore, and Jake brokering a 3-way deal to be rid of it. I touched on Lija’s plight, forcing she, Dalton, and Tallyrand to jeopardize the ship in order to evade hands of Blue.

Of the characters listed, Clay and Cassie seem to have had the least screen time. Let’s take a look at their aspects:

  • Clay: Sharpshooter, High Pain Threshold, Fearless, Short Fuse, Respects Authority
  • Cassie: Opinionated, Underestimated, Strong-Willed, Observant, [left blank]

So, using the exercise in Spirit of the Century (“The Aspected Pickup Game”, p 289), what pair of aspects would be good in opposition? I’m going to sleep on it. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, and we’ll adjourn until tomorrow.

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