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Heart of Evermore Campaign: Second session

30 November 2007

I’ve been putting off writing about the second session of Spirit of the ’Verse because I was unhappy with the results. Play actually happened 2½ weeks ago.

I was distracted and wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be running a campaign. I had some out-of-game worries that were gnawing at me, and I was hoping as I drove to the host’s house that someone would bring some energy to the table, light a spark for me, and life would be grand. It didn’t happen that way.

Jake Masterson’s player took me aside and said he was looking for an opportunity for a double cross. I got excited at this point, because having the Captain betray the rest of the Crew would have brought something interesting to the game! It would have been in milieu (think Jayne), but turns out Jake’s player was looking for ways to double-cross the Haight Gang.

He then asked about news and rumors he’d heard from Mbutu, the man he played cards with the previous session. River Tam and Lija Rom keep making waves as most wanteds. Both the Alliance and Blue Sun are making moves, but Mbutu wasn’t sure what they were planning. He did say that the quakes on Londonium are getting worse, and that the planetary crust was becoming brittle. In other news, the world of Greenleaf is currently under Alliance blockade after the collapse of their pro-Alliance government, and the Haight Gang was seen there recently. (Of course Jake knows they aren’t there any more!)

After revealed that tidbit, Miranda’s player took me aside and revealed that she had discovered the Heart’s hiding place. She did some of her own investigation and determined it is a data storage device. She worked up a primitive reader using lasers from the medical supplies, but wasn’t able to make sense of the encrypted data within. Much to my annoyance, her player determined that she had put the Heart back where it was. (I thought that having Aisha sneak off to find the diamond, only to find out it was missing, would have been good drama.)

The Crew got a break, though, because I wasn’t rolling so well for Tex. His group searched the ship for a number of hours, but Tex was unable to locate the Heart of Evermore. Aisha’s player wasn’t feeling well, and her dice weren’t being cooperative either. In the end, we decided the former Companion was unable to get away from the watchful eyes of Tex’s men to get the diamond.

Tex decided to hold the Crew hostage and arrange a meeting with Masterson at a nearby restaurant. It was the middle of the night, so it wasn’t open for business, but it was an exposed and well-lit place near the spaceport, so it made due. In a surprise to the players, Tex told Masterson that he wasn’t really interested in the diamond, but rather that he was an agent for the Planetary Authority on Beaumonde and he was after Rev. Haight and his gang.

Meanwhile, Blue Sun began to make their move. Lija sensed them approaching, and she, Tallyrand, and Dalton overpowered the remaining guards and took off. Sadly, none of them were decent pilots, so they ended up hovering over the spaceport pad. Dalton’s player became animated at this point and gave the group a shot in the arm. Miranda helped them allay police suspicion with some wickedly funny gender humor. The police left, essentially saying, "Gentlemen, we sympathize with your predicament. Have a good day."

Meanwhile, Cory Stratford was able to extract the data using a modification of Miranda’s setup. The Heart contained terraforming blueprints: algae to scrub the air, equations and equipment plans for maintaining geologic stability, and the like. He didn’t have time to verify the copy of the data he made. In a gutsy move, he destroyed some of it on the Heart, so only he has a full copy — assuming there were no errors.

Tex got the diamond as he wanted, so that he can use it to snare the Haight Gang. And, according to the terms of their agreement, Masterson turned over a copy of the data to the Haight Gang.


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